Fleshing it out

Published on: Jan 19 2015 by K

grizzly sketches


de[a]r dog

Continuing to draw things. Playing around working from photos, random ideas, and a combination of the two (oh deer Ty). A few people on Facebook and Instagram (where I’ve posted even more sketches than seen here) have asked if I will be making prints of any of these sketches. I’m thinking about it, but having never tried to sell drawings/”artwork” before, I’m still sussing out the best route for me. I’ll keep you posted.

sea wolf


On a related, but unrelated note: this last drawing is based on a photo by Ian McAllister, from Pacific Wild. I was drawn to this photo from the moment I saw it, and I hope I did it justice in my interpretation (including some embellishments). I didn’t draw it for this reason, but Pacific Wild is also an organization I believe in strongly. They do a lot of important work trying to protect this BC coast that I love so much. I have donated a portion of my earnings to them before, when I made the spirit bears. After some thinking, and recently attending Ian McAllister’s speaking tour for his new book, I have decided to donate 5% of everything I earn from items sold in the shop to Pacific Wild for this year. Pretty much everything I create is influenced by my coastal environment, so it seems only fitting to put what support I can toward those who are fighting to protect it.

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7 Comments to “Fleshing it out”

  1. Dawn says:

    You already know I think your drawings are wonderful.
    That is great you are supporting Pacific Wild with your shop. It is an awesome fit for your work.

  2. moongirl says:

    These drawings are so wonderful!!! I love your use of line and the way you cross-hatch. That is something I haven’t done in a long time! Beautiful!!

  3. Lisa J says:

    You are amazing. So talented, so giving. Rock on, k.

  4. Netta says:

    Beautiful work and applause on your choice of giving back, to care for the beautiful nature that surrounds us.

  5. Rachel says:

    This post came at a perfect time. I’ve started a creative challenge this year and just posted about it last night…happy to be back to creating even for just small amounts of time each day. So it’s inspiring to me to see your sketches and your techniques (is this pen or crosshatch pencil?). We have different drawing styles but I am super impressed with your work (my favorite of these are the bear sketches, but the fish is so unique and well executed). Also kudos on the donations…

    • K says:

      Thanks Rachel – I have been working mainly with pen, but I usually sketch out at least the basics in pencil first. Some of the drawings I shared in my other post were pencil only, but I’m really loving the Pigma Micron pens lately!

  6. Els says:

    Very, very special drawings !!!!!!!!!!!!

    (hmmmm , they look so crisp 😉 … )

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