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Published on: Feb 09 2015 by K

catch of the day

A little late getting this blog post together, but the top halibut in the photo is still for sale in the shop. Hand stitched with a naturally dyed topside, just for you hard core ocean lovers.


Settling into Sunday evening, happy that it’s a long weekend here in BC and I have few obligations tomorrow. The weather forecast promises yet more rain, so Ty and I will be sure to get another drenching in a prolonged series of daily drenchings. Thank you, pineapple express, and for putting a halt on the ski season too. The temperatures are soaring, flowers are poking up everywhere, and the mountains are working on bare. You’ll excuse me if I’m feeling a little disgruntled – I’m getting tired of hearing folks exclaim about the “wonderful early spring” while¬†us ¬†winter sports lovers are forlorn, not to mention the broad scale environmental changes this signifies and the smaller scale ones along the coast that will be a wave caused by another winter that wasn’t.

How’s the winter in your neck of the woods?

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