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Published on: Apr 20 2015 by K

Whales & Dolphins

Notable Jellyfish

Spring is flying by around these parts – how about you? The last couple days of heat and sun have made evening cocktail hour totally in order.

I’m working here and there on the website to make it a bit more appealing, functional, and whatnot. Not quite there yet, but it’s a start. And I’m moving my shop over to a new space, and will eventually close the Etsy shop. On top of textile work, you can now find limited edition art prints, and I’m thinking about offering some photo prints as well. Who knows what else – postcards, stickers? We’ll see where it takes me. I am excited to be offering more of a variety of items, and this should mean the shop is more regularly stocked. You can be sure that all items ¬†from textile to illustration and beyond will continue to reflect my west coast life and interest in the coastal natural world.

I’d love to hear from you – any feedback on the changes so far?

(There was a bit of glitch in the art print offerings this week; thank you to all who initially purchased prints, but unfortunately my trusty printer died an abrupt and unexpected death just days after I started this new venture. A new printer is on its way, but further print orders will have to wait a few days. My apologies for any inconvenience.)

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  1. Els says:

    These are lovely drawings !!!!!

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