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Published on: May 15 2015 by K

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There’s a long weekend coming up. We had our first camping trip of the year last weekend, an escape to the west coast, just the three of us. No schedule, no obligations. Just a lot of beach wandering, tide pool peering, a bit of “en plein air” painting, tent sleeping, and let’s not forget stick chasing. Let’s just say Ty slept the entire three hour car ride home, and for many hours after that on the couch.

So this long weekend probably won’t include any big adventures. Not that that wouldn’t be fun. But instead we’ll likely mostly putter at home, working on “house things” on this house that still has so many projects waiting for us. See what we can accomplish before relatives come to stay next month, before AK heads out on summer work trips. Not particularly exciting, but the process of making this house a home is slowly showing rewards.

Just Go

The shop is slowly filling up with prints, including the newest one, above, that went in yesterday. A little homage to adventure, I suppose. While I’m spackling and painting our mudroom, I hope you find a little adventure this weekend, whether it’s a journey far afield or just out your back door. I’m hoping to wedge out a little time to do the same, if only for a few hours. Life is full of obligations, responsibilities, and such. But sometimes you have to just go.

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