Megalodon and other sharks

Published on: Jun 24 2015 by K


Small “Megalodon” prints now available in the shop. Perfect for kids (and anyone else!) who likes sharks, dinosaurs, and/or fossils. This drawing is of an actual megalodon tooth fossil overlaid with a small sketch of what megalodon is believed to look like, and relevant size info on each. I think it fits in well with my bone collection and anthropology books, yes?

It must be a shark kind of day as I am also cutting out some fabric to make some new shark softies. I hope to do a shop update of sewn creatures in early to mid-July. I know it’s been ages since there has been much sewing, but I’m trying to devote some time to it now. Today is a perfect stitching sort of day – grey, and a bit cooler, with the occasional shower moving through. Vancouver Island has joined many other places along the west coast in an ongoing drought, so any drops of moisture are even more appreciated by me than usual. How is your summer?


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